Loft Insulation works by forming a thermal barrier to stop rising hot air escaping through your roof. The air pockets in insulation trap hot air and prevent it from being lost into the atmosphere.

It is recommended 300mm (12 inches) of insulation is installed in the loft to save heat loss. The government has simply realised this one change to our properties has the potential to help the country meet our carbon reduction targets.

The benefits of loft insulation​

  • You will prevent up to one half of the heat generated in your home from escaping through the roof.
  • Fuel costs will be reduced.
  • Your home will be producing less carbon, saving the environment.
  • Your home will be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • Fewer problems with condensation.
  • A reduction in noise coming from outside especially to the upper levels of your home.
  • Your home’s energy performance certificate rating will be improving the value and sale ability of your home.


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How increasing loft insulation adds value to your property?

An energy performance certificate (EPC) is needed when you sell your property.

A propertys' EPC shows an overall energy-efficiency rating on a scale from A-G. 

'A' represents the most energy efficient properties and 'G' the least efficient.

The EPC will give recommendations on how to make your property more energy efficient.

Insulation is a fast and effective way of raising your rating.

Can I get a grant for loft insulation?

Under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) households are eligible for loft insulation grants, subject to energy performance certificate stating loft insulation is a required measure. 

What is ECO?

ECO is a government lead energy saving scheme funded by energy suppliers. The main objective of ECO funding is to reduce the amount of energy used in homes across Britain. The ECO scheme's main task is reducing energy loss as well as lowering fuel poverty. Through this scheme we will be helping individual access grants available, saving money on their energy bills and ensuring homes become more energy efficient.

  • No benefits needed
  • You will not pay for it through your energy bills
  • Rental properties will need permission from landlord


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