cavity wall insulation

Installing cavity wall insulation can save you around £110 a year on heating bills and it reduces emissions by around 560kg of carbon dioxide (CO2) each year. If every UK household which is suitable for cavity wall insulation were insulated, we would save around £690 million and nearly 4 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) each year.

​How insulation works?

Wall insulation acts as a jacket that prevents heat from escaping through the walls of your home. It can also help to stop your home getting too hot in the summer and to cold in the winter. This is similar to a flask which keeps drinking water hot or cold by providing an insulating layer between the drink and the outside air. Installing cavity wall insulation is one of the most beneficial improvements you can make to your property and helping to improve your energy performance certificate rating. 

If your home was built from the 1920's onwards it is likely to have cavity walls. From 2002 onwards it is very likely your property was insulated from new. Properties built before the 1920's will most likely be a solid wall construction which would need external or internal wall insulation. 


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​Can I get a grant for cavity wall insulation?

Under the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) most households are eligible for cavity wall insulation, this would depend on your property being suitable to be insulated and the carbon emission saved, all this would be worked out on a free survey. 

What is ECO?

ECO is a government lead energy saving scheme funded by energy suppliers. The main objective of ECO funding is to reduce the amount of energy used in homes across Britain. The ECO scheme's main task is reducing energy loss as well as lowering fuel poverty. Through this scheme we will be helping individual access grants available, saving money on their energy bills and ensuring homes become more energy efficient.

  • You will not pay for it through your energy bills
  • Rental properties will need permission from landlord

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